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Ghetto Politician: The Hills Have Eyes

Ghetto Politician: Hyphy 'n Bossy Part II

Ghetto Politician, Smoke, and Skitz: 5150

Punish: Punish is Back Again with GP

Kmaxx: Betta Days

Black Marilyn Monroe Mack City album leak mp3
CD dropping 6-30-09

Young Skitz: I don’t know how to act

Ghetto Politician: The Great Black Shark Album - Leaked Track

Pick Him up - Thug World/T.N.T.B. drops Pick Him Up - a song from Punish That explains the everyday reality of life, the cycle. A must listen!

The Lead - Thug World/T.N.T.B. drops The Lead. New hot track from Punish.

Blocc Busters - Thug World/T.N.T.B. drops another one. Listen to Punish get hype on the mic block style.

Punish Murder: Hardcore murder style Rap. Are u game? Take a listen.

Punish Take ya Money: Get Ya Money by Any Means and Take What is Yours.

Punish Let The Dog Get em: New Track! Punish Speaks Game and takes it to another level. Power, Knowledge, and Take Control.

NEW SINGLE! Thug World/T.N.T.B drops Dancing With The Devil. Enter into the Mind of Punish.

HOT SINGLE! Punish Drops Misanthropy. The real hardcore Bad boy of Rap aims the mic at the Music Industry.

NEW SINGLE! Punish - Putcho Gun Down. A Street Anthem club Banger and Hood song.

AVAILABLE NOW! Punish drops The Mic single - speaking the truth about the mic.

New radio banger Related to the Gang. Punish drops another hit single!

The new world wide hit single Crank it up! Explosive hit single for the club trunk and the streets.

Punish is back. The bull is charging! Swine to the Slaughterhouse. He is bringing hits after hits on this one. 5 star project.

Punish drops Raise Up Part 2. The movement continues. 15 hot tracks for your mind. The bull is back and it’s on fire.

Punish drops album number 5 Raise up the hood classics album the bull is back and he is on fire

Punish drops album number 4, The People vs L Deandre Stewart hot tracks, take a journey into the life of the bull San Jose

Ghetto Politician Album 2 feat Mac Tyi, Young Skitz, Young Loon, Fetticcia, Black Marylyn Monroe, Ghetto Politician, Jill Jonez

Punish drops album # 3 with the # 1 hit single Seven Trees and Verde feat Ghetto Politician, Jill Jonez, Black Marilyn Monroe, Skitz, CND and DD

TNTB drops compilation w/ #1 hit Bumping Andre Nickatina feat Ghetto Poli- tician, DD, Stewie Boy, The Animals, Triangle, Jill Jonez, Larry Joe, Tre, Drpee

heart of the streets feat artist from the hoods of San Jose CA and throughout the united states from the heart of the hood to you

punish from east side San Jose dropping knowledge 12 hot tracks

punish bull shark dropping hot tracks 9 hot tracks

Music from independent artists from all over the world rap r&b hip-hop and Reggae featuring Reggae star elephant men

Thug World Records Presents Shark city part 3 san jose artist united representing that shark city

Thug World Records presents Shark City Pt 2. Some of San Jose's hottest artists east south west and north side. 18 tracks of pure fire.

Thug World Records presents Hot male and female Rap R&B and Gospel artists from all over San Jose, CA

Thug World Records presents Ghetto Politician the Great Black Shark
featuring: up and coming artist also Punish Mac Tyi

Jill Jonez mix tape (the first R&B from Thug World Records)

Mac Tyi Hyphy Slaps and purple Sacks mix tape
featuring: Balance

Mac Tyi block chick
featuring: Big Rich, Marvaless, C.M.G. of Conscious Daughters A.K. tha teflon don

World of Thugs
featuring: All of the Thug World family: Mac Tyi, Punish, etc.

#1 turf grinders mix cd: turf grinders
featuring: Lil Wayne, E-40, 8 Ball, M.J.G., Outlawz, Andre Nickatina, & more...

Big Sir Loon: Talk Of The Turf    featuring: 40 Glocc from G-Unit, Balance, Mousie & J.T., the Bigga Figga & more...

Bay Area Game
(what u got in that bag)
featuring: Kurpt from the Dog Pound, Gonzoe from YukMouth Regime & more...

Caffeine Club Music Alcohol Shots
featuring: up and coming artists throughout the US

Black Marylin Monroe out of Sacramento, CA
featuring: talent from all over the bay area and up and coming artists

One of the most explosive albums coming out of the Bay Area
with legendary artists from the '90s and '00s.