Watch Bay Area News. Watch Live at 4am 5pm 6pm 8pm and 11pm PST.

Know your rights when dealing with law enforcement
This great web site lets you know all your rights when dealing with cops. Click Here ›

KPOO - Bay Area rap station, listen online and request songs from Turf Grinders - locked up thugs - free address of inmates

San Jose Cop Watch - An all volunteer group who monitors cops and protects our rights.

San Jose Police live radio feeds of the SJPD
They spy on us so spy on them. Be one up on the SJPD here. If they are coming for you and where the police are at. Find out about San Jose murders and stabbings, etc.

South West Side San Jose   |    Santa Clara Police and Fire   |    Santa Clara County Sheriff Police Fire CHP   |    San Francisco Bay Area EMS (medical)   |    San Jose Fire   |    Sunnyvale Police and Fire   |    Gilroy Police and Fire   |    Oakland Police   |    Bart Police   |    San Francisco Fire and Medical   |    Los Angles City-wide Hot Shots Emergency Calls Air units K9   |    South Side San Jose   |    East Side San Jose   |    Downtown San Jose

The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project

Santa Clara County Sheriff, Police, Fire, CHP, and CAL FIRE

Santa Clara City Police and Fire

California Highway Patrol SFBA - Golden Gate Division

Experienced Lawyer
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